Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some teams already practicing and having games and my kid isn't?

Our older REC PLUS teams have different dates for their season because half of their games are at the location of the team they play.  The other half are at Maple Ridge.  Their schedule is set by Indiana soccer, not by PYSA.


When will I hear from a coach?


Coaches will not be chosen until a few weeks after registration closes.  After teams are chosen and coaches have been notified, we will send out an email to all registered participants to let them know that a coach will be calling soon.



When will my child play games?

All Micro Kickers will have games only on Saturdays (In 2014, all games were at 11am)


Rec teams will have games on Saturday (anytime 9am - 12pm) AND Sunday (anytime 1-3pm) each weekend.  We do not typically play games on holiday weekends.


Rec Plus teams will have games every weekend on Saturday and Sunday both.  Saturday games can be in the morning, afternoon or early evening.  And Sunday games fall in the early afternoon.


Your coach will give you the game schedule as soon as it is available.



Will we still have a game if it rains?

Most likely, yes.  We can play soccer in the rain.  We only cancel if there is lightning in the area. 


Game cancellations due to weather will be announced on our Facebook page.  Just login to Facebook and search for PendletonFC.  Don't forget to LIKE our page!


You will likely also get an email, call or text from your child's coach, so be sure your contact info in your GotSoccer account is accurate.



When will my child have practice?

When your coach contacts you, he/she will tell you when your child will have practices.  Practice days and times are the decision of the coach.  That’s why we cannot accommodate requests to practice on specific days.


Rec and Rec Plus teams usually practice once or twice a week, depending on the age.


Micro Kickers do not practice during the week.  They will have a short practice prior to games.



What equipment does my child need?

Pendleton FC / PYSA will supply the shirt for Micro Kickers and Rec players.


Your child will also need:


·          Black shorts

·          Soccer socks (any color)

·          Shin guards (Yes, we recommend these also for Micro Kickers because they WILL get kicked in the shins!)

·          SOCCER  Cleats (Yes, we also recommend these for Micro Kickers.  When the fields are wet from rain or dew, they are slippery!)

·          Soccer Ball (Optional.  See below.)



Do we really need SOCCER cleats?


Yes.   Soccer cleats are required.  We do not allow football or baseball cleats. 



What size soccer ball is my child using?

No matter how many balls we provide to a team, there can never be enough soccer balls at practices or during warm-ups at games. So bring your own soccer ball, if you can.


Here are the age appropriate sizes:


Micro Kickers, U6 & U8 = size 3

U10 = size 4



U12 = size 4

U14 & U16 = size 5


FYI - Size 1 & 2 mini soccer balls are commonly referred to as practice balls or juggling balls. Being able to control and juggle a mini ball will make juggling and controlling larger, regulation balls much easier.



Do you have any helpful tips for parents?


  • BRING LAWN CHAIRS and/or blankets!We don't have bleachers.

  • You must park in the parking lot. (Do not park along the county road or your car will be towed!)

  • No matter how late you are for a game or practice, do not drop players off along the county roads.(Not only is this dangerous for you and your children, the police will ticket you.)

  • No animals, unless they are service dogs (and are clearly marked as such.)

  • We only have port-a-potties.So use the restroom before you arrive...or bring a nose plug! :-P

  • You must have GREAT sportsmanship or you will be asked to leave the fields.We are setting an example for our kids.

  • Bring water bottles.We do not have a concession stand or dinking fountain.



What if I can’t afford the fees?

PYSA does offer a limited number of scholarships for players whose families cannot afford to pay fees.  Please complete the registration form as well as scholarship form and turn them in at the the in-person registration.


Can my kids play down to a lower league if they have never played?

No. We have to follow the guidelines and rules of Indiana Soccer. 



What if I have more questions? 


The best way to reach us is by email at If you have a specific question, you can call the appropriate person on our Contact Us page.

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